Sometimes, out of nowhere, I experience a sense of loneliness I can’t explain or describe.  When it hits, I often think of you. I think of how, though perhaps we’ve never met outside the confines of text and chat, we’ve helped each other grow in ways we may never have; had we not learned of each other’s existence.

I think of how easy it is to love you, and how loving you reflects the love I often forget I have for myself.

Sometimes I wish all love could be so simple. I am reminded that I’m never really alone, because you’re always just a click or call away. I feel incredibly lucky that you choose to be my friend.

The honesty and intimacy we share, often intensified by the safety of space between us, helps me in ways you can’t imagine. The constancy of your friendship has given me hope and motivation on the days I’m most afraid to show up for real life and be vulnerable out loud.

Your unwavering support, even on days it seems the last thing I want, makes it nearly impossible to justify my love affair with Isolation, when Loneliness tells me it’s okay.

julie maida sometimes loneliness reminds me

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3 years ago

This just hit me last couple days…suddenly people are coming at me when I couldn’t find them anywhere….realizing I have a hand in this..felt this way most of my at 67i ask myself why should I care…welll because I just do..being alone is one thing..being lonely another…what a great awakening….