Workshop One: 6 Weeks

Participants who complete this workshop will:

  • learn how small changes in attitude and daily routine can make a big difference in finding balance and creating recovery patterns necessary to achieve your personal recovery goals 
  • examine patterns of negative self-talk and attitudes surrounding previous attempts to self-regulate and how they may be affecting your mood and relationships 
  • develop skills to confront the urge to self-sabotage and outside influences that may trigger or exacerbate these urges
  • understand the tremendous value of self-care, relationships and recovery support.           
  • learn about and practice vulnerability as a methodical recovery tool and further explore how secrets and fears surrounding exposure can hinder your recovery process
  • create a P.A.P.E.R (Personal Action Plan Eluding Reoccurrence) to live by
  • gain and share valuable knowledge and resources available to support your individual needs along your chosen recovery path
  • learn about trauma and the role it plays in the desire to escape reality
  • have access to 20 years worth of recovery process (from all the things), experience, practice, and support via weekly Q&A sessions and (for members of the Mentoring Program) a one hour uninterrupted phone or Skype chat to discuss whatever previously agreed upon topics you’d like.