We spend SO much time and energy trying to prove ourselves — to convince other people we’re enough. Smart enough, ambitious, strong, beautiful, or worthy enough. Enough for their time, friendship or love. Enough for our jobs, respect, or that raise we deserve. Enough for social media follows, likes, and shares.

Many of us can’t enjoy a friggin’ sandwich or night on the town, without digitally documenting every second, in hopes someone will appreciate it enough to love or retweet it. If they don’t, we start to wonder if we’re just not that interesting.

Maybe we get desperate and try harder. Until one day someone calls us out on our attention seeking behavior, and we decide they’re right. We agree that we must be a pathetic loser, and fall away into the shadows until it’s time to eat another sandwich. 

Obviously this is an oversimplified exaggeration, but is it? Have we all not fallen into some form of this?

Imagine spending that time and energy working on the belief that we’re unimportant, instead of trying to prove to the world we matter.

What if the negative opinions of other people could matter less? Our positive self-images could matter more.

I know this isn’t rocket science, but for some reason it often feels that way. It might be human nature, but many of us have been taught to invest more into how other people view us than who we actually are.

We exhaust countless hours attempting to distract people from disliking us. We find ways to earn their respect and admiration instead of learning how to love ourselves enough not to care what they think. 

What if we all took time today to examine the fears about who we are that keep us stuck? What if we put more energy into changing them than trying to hide them? What if we invested more time becoming the person we want to project and less projecting?

Imagine all we might accomplish.

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