I was in line at the bank the other day, and this dude standing in front of me turned around and did the whole face-belly-face thing.

He was just standing there staring blankly back at me. I thought he might be confused so I said, “There’s a baby in there,” to break the awkward silence, and he stuttered back,

“Yeah, I thought so.”

Apparently, I am some sort of enigma because I’m carrying a baby. It’s 2012, and 12-year-olds are doing it, but whatever.

Seriously though, if you don’t have anything smart, funny, or interesting to say, please don’t spread your verbal diarrhea.

It’s a legit situation. Strangers are getting in on this action, and it’s nonsense.

Here are a few of my personal favorites.

“WOW. You’ve gotten A LOT bigger since I last saw you!”

If someone says this to you while you’re making a human with your body, respond with, “Oh my God, thank you!! So have you! What’s your excuse?” Then, stare blankly until they feel the weight of their own stupidity and walk away, and vow to never speak to you again.

“Are you sure there is only one in there?”

Yes. Shut up. You suck.

“Holy shit, you’re huge!”

Hard stop. If you have ever said this to literally anyone – pregnant or not –  we would all appreciate if you never left your house ever again.


“Any day now, huh?”

I understand this is supposed to be endearing or something — like when people hand you water while you’re in the homestretch of a marathon, but it’s not the same.

Some women show pretty early in their pregnancy, especially if it’s not the first, and no one needs your commentary. No one.

“You don’t even look pregnant!”

Some women have experienced the loss of pregnancy, and none of us need you to add to the angst of worry we already live in.

If someone tells you they’re pregnant, they’re probably not making it up. Just tell them they’re glowing or something, and move on with your life.

“What are you having?”

A baby, Idiot. Mind your business. 



I hope I’ve made my point.

Pregnancy is, in no way, an invitation for you to speak. If you must, please note, it is not okay to say the first horrible thing that comes to mind.

If someone in your life is pregnant, and you have said anything that could be heard as horribly insensitive, shame on you.

Please call her immediately and then bring her ice cream sundae or cheeseburger. You tell her she’s beautiful, amazing, wicked smart, and uber funny.

If all else fails, say less.

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I got SO sick of "How are you FEELING?" when I was pregnant. It was like I had cancer. Everyone I knew, every day. Believe me, if I have any complaints, you'll hear them!

11 years ago

Uggggghhhh…the "are you sure there's only one in there" line would drive me insane. For whatever reason, that's the one I hated the most. I mean, seriously, are you implying I'm big enough to birth a litter? Because you really don't want to see a woman big enough to birth a litter go 37 kinds of crazy on you.

Happily stopping by from Honest Voices! =)

11 years ago

People are awful to pregnant ladies. I firmly believe the ONLY acceptable thing to say to pregnant ladies is, "you look great." I make a point of saying it to pregnant women in line at the grocery store.

11 years ago

Agreed! A pregnant friend just made me a whole list of shit she wishes people wouldn't say to her…or any pregnant lady for the rest of time. http://www.realmomofnj.com/2013/02/08/sht-not-say-to-a-pregnant-lady/

11 years ago

I actually had to in there, 8 weeks ago and people would say you don't look like you are having twins. Thanks, that makes me feel really good! The comments I get now are even worse. There two in the stroller and one in a carriage and people thinks it's okay to say- Are you done? Or how was the delivery?

Love it!

I totally agree! Now that I know exactly how it feels I am on some sort of mission to say "You look beautiful" to every pregnant woman I see.

I really don't know why people think that it's okay to say whatever comes to mind to an already hormonal woman…it's dangerous.

Seriously. I actually had someone say "Don't you already have two kids?" when we told them we were pregnant again. WHAT? Unreal.

Marianna Annadanna
11 years ago

This is something I learned only after having been pregnant! I mean, I was never a total a-hole but I've made mistakes. Never. Again.

Tonya Marie Pinson
8 years ago

Plus the random strangers that want to touch your belly…I'm pregnant, not a German Shepard…